A fashion website created thanks to the provided loan

In June 2006, they had their idea of a virtual shop, an unshakable faith in their project and a few thousand euros collected by selling their car. Three and a half later, Séverine Grégoire and Chloé Ramada display 5 million annual turnovers of EUR 22 employees, a hundred referenced brands and leadership from the sale of women’s fashion line in France. Their site, monshowroom.com, would never have been possible without the support of the microfinance institute Crea-Sol, which lent them € 40 000 4% over five years to start their business.

A considerable amount in relation to the loans usually granted to entrepreneurs Candidate excluded from banking channels aid to SMEs. “At the time, explains Frédéric Nguyen, director of Crea-Sol Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, we had not yet empowered the Ministry of Economy, which limits the number of microcredits EUR 10 000. As this project we seemed viable, we have supported to the maximum, that is to say, the ceiling that was ours before the empowerment of Bercy, we finally got in April 2009. ”

Before requesting second microcredit operator in France (after Adie Agency for the Right to Economic Initiative), both creators of monshowroom.com had, of course, addressed to traditional banks. Big Flop. “We have seen them all or almost recalls Séverine Grégoire, who worked at the Fashion Institute in Marseille, and it was every time the same smirks and the same stiff speech, like” if your idea were enough potential to walk, others more sturdy that you have thought about it before. ” It was discouraging, but we went anyway to believe. “No banker had also been careful to refer them to one of the microfinance institutions.

But the two childhood friends had a certainty that already cartonnait in Anglo-Saxon countries were also able to operate in France. “In 2006, reminds Severine Gregoire, women’s fashion sites already existed, but all were destocking or private sale. None offered the collections of the current year to shop prices. “The idea was to offer a comfortable alternative to the provincial who do not have easy access to branded shops of major cities and urban who love beautiful clothes, but have neither the time nor the taste of window shopping marathons.

For bankers, the concept seemed solid and consistent, but not the two women … “When we did our tour, tells Chloé Ramada, it was 24 and 25 years, a minimum experience for Séverine and zero for me, diplomas [DEA marketing in preparation for Aix-en-Provence] that does not impress the 20 000 euro each in equity … “Without Crea-Sol, the project would not have emerged.

Since the first sales in September 2006, the site has increased tenfold its turnover and its referenced brands. In the meantime, on the basis of their results, the two women raised 200,000 euros from the association Provence Business Angels (2007) and 4.3 million (in January 2009) with capital -liqueurs to whom they have sold 49% stake in their box. The goal is to continue to double annual sales each year for four or five years. History microcredit eventually delivers a macrosuccès.

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