Heidelberg. Women earn their own money and often associate child and career. For loans, they are more restrained than men. They only absorb about 32 percent of all loans. This has resulted in an analysis of the independent consumer portal Verivox.


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61 percent of women opt for low loan amounts

A representative number of loans completed by individuals through Verivox was evaluated. In doing so, women increasingly take on smaller loans. At 61 percent, the loan amount is in the range up to 5,000 euros. Men take only 52 percent of loans on this scale. A possible reason for the gender difference could be the unequal income. On a long-term average, women earn over 20 percent less than men.

There are no differences in terms and conditions. “Women receive almost identical interest rates when lending as men,” says Ingo Weber, Managing Director of Verivox. It is important for women to earn less, but at the same time apply for lower credit sums.

In the east, the proportion of women is higher

While in the old federal states the classical family model is more widespread, in East Germany the share of unmarried couples in communities is higher (according to the 2014 micro census of the Federal Statistical Office). As a result, women are more likely to take a loan themselves, as the Verivox analysis shows. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the proportion of women is 44 percent, in Saxony 43 percent and Saxony-Anhalt 42 percent. It is significantly lower in the West German area countries – Schleswig-Holstein (26 percent), Baden-Württemberg (27 percent) and Rhineland-Palatinate (28 percent).

Vehicle loans clearly a male domain

For cars and motorcycles, the gender difference is most apparent. Here, the proportion of loans taken up by men is 79 percent. For example, for loan repayments, this share is 64 percent.

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